Fairytale Omaha

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Ms. Erin Kinney, Board Chair
Ms. Sam Heddrick, Board Vice Chair
Mr. Jonathan Jaeger, Board Treasurer
Mrs. Katy Eichhorn, Board Secretary
Primary Contact Name
Erin Kinney
Main Address

Mailing Address
Omaha, NE 68137
United States

What We Do

Fairytale Omaha was created to empower children through fairytales, art and imagination. We collaborate with local businesses, as well as other charitable organizations, to provide unforgettable experiences featuring beloved characters, unique activities, and enchanting performances.

Our goal is to help children shine their light and build confidence through creativity. 

Princesses, Superheroes, Mermaids, Pirates, Fairies, Face Painting, Hair Braiding, Guided Activities & Crafts.

Interesting Info
  • On July 15th, 2023 we visited our 50th free visit to a child dealing with long term hospitalization.
  • We have 10 years of experience in childcare and entertainment as Real Princess of Omaha and Cup & Saucer Parties.
  • A majority of our costumes are handmade by our Fairy Godmother, the rest are bought from US small businesses.
Mermaids swimming with children and teaching about recycling.
A collage of hair braiding and glitter makeovers at a festival.
Princesses & Heroes @ YMCA Healthy Kids Day 2023