Dreamweaver Foundation

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Cheri Mastny
Main Address

PO Box 540033
Omaha, NE 68154
United States

Dreamweaver Foundation
14600 Branch Street
Suite 113
Omaha, NE 68154
United States

What We Do
Dreamweaver Foundation brings joyful experiences and meaningful connection to older adults living in low-income with life-limited illness. We dream of a world where every older adult feels hopeful, cherished, and connected to someone who cares. We believe in the power of memories to keep loved ones close. We tirelessly pursue our goal of creating moments of pure joy and hope for older adults. We help create cherished memories that will live on in the hearts of their family and friends. Dreamweaver Foundation is committed to honoring our most cherished generation in their final days, making their life-long dreams come true through incredible experiences they will never forget.
Interesting Info
  • Dreamweaver Foundation has granted over 375 dreams since 2012.
  • In 2020, we launch a new program---Connecting Hope, virtually connecting over 500 seniors to their loved ones during a global pandemic.
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