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Brigit Saint Brigit Theatre Company

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Year Founded:
Local Leader / Exec. Director:
Cathy M Kurz Artistic Director, Founder/Scott Kurz Executive Director
Main Address:
2854 Redick Avenue
Omaha, NE 68112

What We Do

BRIGIT SAINT BRIGIT THEATRE CO was created to enrich the community by bringing a combination of professional-quality acting and directing to the production of classic plays--ancient through contemporary--delivering their passion and power to provoke feeling and thought. In other words: good tales, well told.

BSB is the only mid-size theatre in the area that has been in continuous production for 27 years, maintaining the same artistic direction and mission, and offering 4-6 full-length productions each season. It is also the only professional, classic theatre in the Midwest, drawing much of its talent from a core repertory company working with other area actors and Equity guests.

Founded and operated by artists, the Theatre is committed to the dignity of those who bring the plays to life and the value of their time and talent, especially essential to the mission, thus, the Company pays all actors, directors, and designers. Funding goes primarily to people, not things. Here's how.

Because we are a site-specific theatre, alternating among locations best suited to the material, we avoid incurring year-round rent/mortgage expense and the cost of filling a large space with elaborate settings. Instead, Brigit's operating strategy stresses low overhead and has been the key to its successfully staying the classic course--not having to turn to less intriguing material--since it allows us to direct most of our resources to the primary elements--actors, directors, designers. This is how BSB is able to re-invest 70% of its income in the artists.

What does it say? Is it worth the saying? How well is it said? And in some cases, how long has it lasted? It's in the answers to these questions that the Theatre chooses its material among widely varied plays, from the ancient Greeks and Shakespeare, to the screwball comedies of the 40s or the darker world of Pinter, to the lyricism of the Irish and on through to outstanding contemporary works. Most of the titles Brigit Saint Brigit mounts cannot be seen at any other area venue.

As we look forward to opening the 28th season this fall--titles, dates, locations to be announced soon on our website at ask that you consider us in your charitable contributions and encourage you to include a night out with BSB on your fall calendar.

Interesting Info

The first "Brigit" in the name refers to the Celtic goddess of "all things necessary to a civilized life." The second to Saint Brigit, a patron saint of Ireland
Each Feb, BSB offers a month-long Irish festival that includes an Irish-authored play, as well as events centered on Irish culture and writers.
In addition to production, BSB representatives teach in the afterschool programs at King Science, Morton, McMillan, and Lewis and Clark Middle Schools.

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