Alliance Life Skills

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Mr. Brandon Lamont Kinnie, CEO & Founder
Primary Contact Name
Brandon Kinnie
Main Address

11212 Chicago Cir.
Omaha, NE 68154
United States

What We Do

Alliance Life Skills is a non-profit organization located in Omaha, NE. Alliance provides athletic training and sports opportunities to athletes, from a variety of socioeconomic and racial backgrounds all throughout the Omaha area. A little about us, we offer reduced price training and sports opportunities, to allow all youth throughout Omaha the opportunity to compete and grow together. Our mission also focuses on providing all youth with the opportunity to receive life skills and education pertaining to character development, leadership training, educational mentorship and faith

Our sports teams have brought together youth from North, South and West Omaha! We break down barriers by allowing our athletes to receive elite training and sport opportunities, at affordable costs. We keep our costs low with support from our sponsors and donors, which allows us to provide opportunities to a larger amount of youth. We also provide full scholarships to athletes that cannot afford the costs of registration, and family packages that help large families provide equal opportunities for all children.

We believe that we should support our youth on and off the field. So we provide community events that help fulfill needs in our local area. For example, each year we have a back to school event providing hundreds of free backpacks, haircuts and school supplies to youth primarily located in North and South Omaha. We also have holiday events, and other organized Youth Nights, that support our youth and their families throughout the year. 

Interesting Info
  • Our annual Back to School events have provided free backpacks, haircuts and school supplies to hundreds of youth throughout Omaha.
  • Our Youth Nights serve a variety of youth all throughout Omaha, providing a safe space for fun, fellowship and a shared meal weekly during the summers.
  • Our sports teams have brought together youth from North, South and West Omaha, creating diversity amongst teams and breaking down barriers.
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