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Accepted Food Bank

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Year Founded:
Local Leader / Exec. Director:
Rick Milone
Main Address:
PO BOX 45831
OMAHA, NE 68135

What We Do

Accepted Food Bank provides food for Millard and Elkhorn students. We offer multiple options for schools including
*The backpack program for Millard and Elkhorn schools. The backpack program
provides each child with 2 breakfast meals and 2 lunch meals for the weekend.
*Midweek meal bags that provide dinner for students during the school week
where they were fed breakfast and lunch in school.
*Snacks for kids during the school day whose parents are unable to send one
themselves. Every kid should have a snack without the teachers having to
provide it.

At Accepted Food Bank we believe that no need is too small and are committed to delivering food to these schools, even if they only need it for one student. Accepted Food Bank has delivered hundreds of backpack bags to Millard and Elkhorn schools that have been overlooked due to their smaller needs.

***For $20 a month, you can provide 1 child with the with the backpack program for the entire month***
***For $400 a month, you can provide an entire school with the backpack program ***

Interesting Info

Accepted Food Bank has handed out over 2000 weekend bags and over 1000 midweek bags to students in need.
Over 60% of the schools in Millard and Elkhorn do not receive Food Bank assistance.
Our goal is for every child in a Millard and Elkhorn school to have access to the backpack program.

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