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Vice President/Secretary
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Omaha AVP is a wholly volunteer-led nonprofit.  There are no paid employees.  Volunteers form teams to serve on the various activities sponsored by AVP.  Many volunteers choose to participate in more than one area of volunteerism.   Others, focus their contributions to one area.  The choice is based on individual prefereances, talents and availability. 

Secretary/Vice President of the Board of Directors 

  • Someone who both thinks outside the box and works/collaborates well with other Board members in  moving AVP forward
  • Assists the President in setting agendas, scheduling meetings, recording meeting notes, updating online calendars, etc.
  • Write/maintain procedures, job descriptions, and other AVP documentation as needed
  • Attend monthly volunteer meetings
  • Participate in quarterly Board Meetings and other ad hoc meetings
  • Support and complement work of the President


Board Member
Size of Group
1 individual
Volunteer Needs
Eligible for Court-Ordered Service
Wheelchair accessible
Type of Opportunity
Board Member
Wednesday, April 24th, 2024 - Saturday, April 25th, 2026
Repeats daily for 365 times
Duration of 23 hours 59 minutes
Location Details
Offsite Location
Indoor Project
Outdoor Project

meetings are held at the First Unitarian Church 3114 Harney. Other venues vary by activity
Omaha, NE 68110
United States

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