Alternatives to Violence Project - Omaha

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Omaha AVP is an all volunteer-led non-profit.  It has no paid staff. Thus the treasurer has no payroll duties.. Omaha AVP Treasurer position involves ongoing, year round responsibilities. 


  • Reimburse volunteers for program expenses
  • Write thank you cards to donors throughout the year
  • Make bank deposit, track online donations and reconcile bank statements
  • Maintain record of donations and sources of funds
  • Assist with budget projections for grant proposals
  • Track grant funds and account for expenditures and balance
  • File/store reimbursement documents, receipts and bank statements, and other Omaha AVP financial records
  • Shared checking account signature authority with president



  • Participate in monthly Volunteer/Facilitator Meetings
  • Attend and provide Treasurer's Reports at quarterly Board Meetings and ad hoc meetings




  • Send yearly donors letters confirming calendar year contributions as required by the IRS
  • File IRS 990-N postcard online form
  • Respond to IRS correspondence

AVP-USA (Parent Non-profit)

  • Send annual AVP-USA renewal letter with annual dues
  • Email IRS 990-N postcard filing confirmation to AVP-USA 501(c)(3) coordinator
  • Email prior year Income Statement to AVP-USA
  • Report any bylaw changes to AVP-USA


  • File online Non-Profit Corporation report with Nebraska Secretary of State of Nebraska (filed in odd numbered years). 

Treasurer works closely with the President and is asked to complete AVP training to gain familiarity with mission and operations.  Treasurer is invited and welcome to participate in all Omaha AVP events.


Board Member
Size of Group
1 individual
Volunteer Needs
Eligible for Court-Ordered Service
Wheelchair accessible
Type of Opportunity
Board Member
Wednesday, April 24th, 2024 - Friday, April 25th, 2025
Repeats daily for 365 times
Duration of 23 hours 59 minutes
Location Details
Work from Anywhere
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