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Submit YOUR story & champion mental health
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People from all over the Greater Omaha and Council Bluffs area have come together to talk about mental health and end the stigma. Join us!

WhatMakesUs is a collection of testimonials from community members living with mental health conditions and their allies. Over 190 community members have submitted a written or video story to-date.


Ways to volunteer:

1. Share a personal story (written or video) about either your mental health condition OR supporting someone with a mental health condition at

2. Follow WhatMakesUs on Facebook and Instagram to like and share our content: 

3. Encourage others to submit a story.

4. Help us connect with your community about this campaign. Do you know of individuals, groups. workplaces, colleges, or organizations that you can talk to about campaign? We can help you reach out, present, and recruit. Let's get creative!



Do you need some inspiration to get started? Here are some prompts to consider:

  • What hobbies make you feel grounded during chaotic times?
  • Why do you care about mental health?
  • How can other people be good advocates to those living with a mental health condition?
  • Why do you think stigma around mental health and mental health conditions exists?
  • What’s one step we can all take to reduce mental health stigma?


The more we can encourage each other to be supportive, the less our society will allow mental health conditions to be stigmatized.

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Monday, June 3rd, 2024
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