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The Kountze Food Pantry’s mission is simple: feed anyone who comes through the door. The Pantry is a guest-choice pantry, which demonstrates respect for guests and decreases waste by allowing individuals to choose the food they receive. A social worker is present to refer guests to primary care and behavioral health services within Kountze Commons when appropriate.

A volunteer is responsible for providing guests with the appropriate food depending on availability, and may include canned goods, dry beans/rice, boxed food, frozen meat, produce, dessert, bread, limited hygiene products, and clothing.  Volunteers also help with carts, loading/unloading, sorting, and cleaning.  Time Commitment: varies depending on volunteer availability and day.  The Monday pantry is open about 3 hours (10 am to12:45 pm) and Friday pantry is open about 2 hours (5 pm to 6:45 pm).  Volunteers may need to arrive early to help set up Pantry, or stay later to help clean.

There may also be specific times each year when large shipments of dry goods/cans are received and volunteers are needed to sort and organize.

Group opportunities available!

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Ages 5-12
Ages 13-17
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1 individual
Monday, April 22nd, 2024, 10am - 1pm
Repeats weekly at 10:00am for 260 times
Duration of 3 hours
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At Nonprofit's Location
Indoor Project
Outdoor Project
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