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Rejuvenating Women

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Year Founded:
Local Leader / Exec. Director:
Julie Shrader, Founder/Chief Executive Officer
Main Address:
PO Box 207
Boys Town, NE 68010

What We Do

Rejuvenating Women is a non­profit organization providing hope and restoration to those whom have suffered trauma from human trafficking. We are committed to developing long-lasting relationships with deeply wounded women by loving each and everyone right where she is in life. We raise awareness of both labor and sex trafficking in the community as well as invest in the lives of victims and survivors who are living in our residential home and those participating in the programs.

Types of Programs and Services we offer:

Short-Term Housing:
Our short-term transitional housing is available for survivors for up to 90-days. Our short-term housing assistance offers many services which are available to the resident including case management and trauma therapy.

Short-term participants will have the opportunity to get connected with other survivors and be teamed up with a mentor.

Long-Term Housing Program:
Rejuvenating Women offers an 18 to 24-month sanctuary for women age 19+ at the Restored Wings home. The Residential Program empowers women of human trafficking and sexual exploitation to discover their true identities in a safe and loving environment that will allow them to achieve economic freedom and spiritual growth, in addition to attaining physical, mental and emotional healing.

The Restored Wings Program is a long-term program with four distinct phases. Each phase completed is a huge accomplishment and graduates will be rewarded with a celebration dinner, certificate of completion and the opportunity to enter the next phase if they desire to do so. Completion of all four phases will result in a special graduation ceremony.

Phase 1: RW Intensive Trauma Recovery Program

This phase starts with rest (Day 1-7 approximately). Residents are encouraged to rest and get familiar with their new environment. They will receive a tour, complete initial paperwork, review and sign the resident handbook, complete assessments, meet their Case Manager.
Safety is a top priority. This phase is to ensure each woman’s immediate needs of safety are met.

Phase 2: RW Internship Program

This phase will focus on growth. The resident will be actively practicing the new concepts they have been learning such as: healthy boundaries, distress tolerance and mindfulness techniques, work through triggers and unhealthy urges. The resident will continue to review their goals and set new long-term goals with their Case Manager as they continue to grow and move towards change. The resident’s schedule will be adjusted as the internship which will reduce class time.

Phase 3: RW Transitional Program

This phase is focused on consistency. The resident will be able to distinguish between thoughts and feelings, replace lies with God’s truth, and recognize their own unhealthy thought patterns, emotional regulation, an awareness of your strengths and spiritual gifts.

The resident will focus on the next steps of their life such as employment or education and housing. The resident will be able to find a job that is approved by the leadership team and their therapist. In this Phase the resident will be able to work work towards obtaining a vehicle.

Phase 4: Independent Living Program

This phase is focused on maintaining the new life the resident has formed. They will be able to make significant steps towards furthering their education and career, independently providing their own transportation, as well as achieve their own housing. The resident may take on leadership roles & tasks in the RW home.

Interesting Info

Rejuvenating Women operates 10 of the approximately 600 residential beds for human trafficking survivors available in the U.S..
Our Restored Wings Program is the only holistic sober-living, short and long-term therapeutic residential program in Nebraska.
Our comprehensive therapeutic program meets the short-term and long-term needs of survivors and empowers them to live healthy and independent lives.

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