Good News TRAC Camp

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Mrs. Karla Chavez, Director
Primary Contact Name
Kassandra M.
Main Address

Good News Church/TRAC
7415 Hickory St.
OMAHA, NE 68124
United States

What We Do

Teen Reach Adventure Camp-T.R.A.C.- provides a 3-day camp where at risk youth, ages 11-16 residing in foster care, experience the outdoors while learning teamwork and participating in activities which improve trust, self-value and teamwork.

T.R.A.C. is more than a fun experience for "at risk teenagers." It's more than an educational outing. It's three days packed full of fun activities, learning and great memories which will change the lives of teenagers forever.

At T.R.A.C we hope campers will realize their true value and potential and make choices which impact the world in a positive way.

Interesting Info
  • Nearly 150,000 youth ages 12-18 reside in the foster care system. Many end up on the streets, pregnant or incarcerated when they age out.
  • “Thank you for everything. I am truly a survivor—not a victim!” — Camper
  • “My foster daughter has a difficult life, and I am grateful to you for taking the time to speak life and love into this hurting young lady.” — Foster Parent