SHARE Omaha + SHARE Iowa will power the local response to the global Giving Tuesday campaign, always set for the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. For 2022, Giving Tuesday falls on November 29th.

To help you, our local nonprofits, stand out globally, SHARE Omaha powers:
#GivingTuesday402 - SHARE Omaha's expression of this global day of giving, presented by Core Bank
#GivingTuesday712 - SHARE Iowa's expression of this global day of giving, presented by TS Bank

It is important that we all use our LOCAL graphics, LOCAL Giving Tuesday logos, and area code hashtags to stand out to LOCAL donors on November 29th from national organizations.

Steps for nonprofit marketing for Giving Tuesday:
1. Absorb Orientation Deck details
2. Utilize the Workbook for Nonprofits to plan your campaign
3. Update your SHARE profile (and website) to match your Giving Tuesday message
4. Register for SHARE's Giving Tuesday
5. Schedule your communication - emails, newsletters, phone calls, and social media. Use our downloadable graphics below or customize our local Canva templates for easy visuals!
6. Recruit support to spread your message - staff, board, business/community partners, volunteers, guild/friend group and social media followers.


Orientation for Giving Tuesday: Sept 29 at 10am
Marketing for Giving Thursday: October 19 at 1pm
Presenting Sponsors

Giving Tuesday in the metro is powered by SHARE Omaha + SHARE Iowa, with support from Core Bank for #GivingTuesday402 in the Omaha metro and TS Bank for #GivingTuesday712 in Western Iowa.

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