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Giving Tuesday: November 30, 2021

NONPROFIT TRAINING: Giving Tuesday, powered by SHARE Omaha

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For the third year, SHARE Omaha will power the local response to the global Giving Tuesday campaign, always set for the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. For 2021, Giving Tuesday falls on November 30th.

To help you, our local nonprofits, stand out globally, SHARE Omaha powers:
#GivingTuesday402 - The Omaha metro expression of this global day of giving, presented by Core Bank
#GivingTuesday712 - The Southwest Iowa expression of this global day of giving, presented by TS Bank

It is important that we all use our LOCAL graphics, LOCAL Giving Tuesday logos, and area code hashtags to stand out to LOCAL donors on November 30th from national organizations.

SHARE Omaha will guide you through participating in Giving Tuesday as a part of your year-end giving strategy. 


What if our nonprofit is not a SHARE Omaha member?
-If your organization is not eligible for SHARE Omaha membership, your information will not be included on for Giving Tuesday. However, your organization may still use SHARE Omaha's Giving Tuesday marketing tools to drive traffic to your own website to solicit donations and additional forms of support. When these marketing tools are available, they will be linked above for download. 
-If your organization intends to become a SHARE Omaha member, the deadline is November 15. The application for new SHARE Omaha members will be closed from November 15-30. 
-Non-Members: Sign up to receive email updates about SHARE Omaha campaigns, for non-member nonprofits.

What is Giving Tuesday?
Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement that unleashes the power of radical generosity around the world. Giving Tuesday was created in 2012 as a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good. Over the past years, this idea has grown into a global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity.

Why is Giving Tuesday on November 30th this year?
Globally, Giving Tuesday is always set for the Tuesday following Thanksgiving.

Will Giving Tuesday compete with my year-end giving campaign?
If you choose, you can use Giving Tuesday to reinforce your year-end fundraising campaign. The momentum generated by this massive day of giving can help carry you all the way to January. Beginning with July’s Cuppa Jo’maha, SHARE Omaha and partners will provide trainings for how to maximize your year-end fundraising campaign to include Giving Tuesday. 

What is SHARE Omaha's focus this year?
-Though SHARE Omaha will focus the 2021 Giving Tuesday message on cash donations, community members can choose to engage with nonprofits through volunteerism or donations of items. Globally, neighbors are also encouraged to share acts of kindness and be radically generous in ways beyond dollars.
-Though dollars are of utmost importance, the goal of Giving Tuesday and SHARE Omaha is to connect nonprofits to new supporters that can be nurtured and grown over time. 

How can our organization receive donations through SHARE Omaha?
We encourage you to link your Giving Tuesday messages to your SHARE Omaha donate page.
-Gifts through your SHARE Omaha donate page will be deposited directly and swiftly into your PayPal account. You may not link your SHARE Omaha donate page to any link other than your PayPal account. 
-Your donation report may be accessed in real time by logging into your PayPal account.
-Donors may give to up to 10 organizations per transaction and over 90% choose to cover PayPal's processing fees (approximately 1.99% + $0.49). SHARE Omaha does not charge additional fees.
-Donors may pay using their PayPal account or check out as a PayPal guest with debit or credit card, without an account. 

What is SHARE Omaha's role for Giving Tuesday?
SHARE Omaha provides a central platform and coordinated marketing and public relations for 600+ local causes to take advantage of this global day of giving. Over the past two years, this effort has resulted in increased support and new connections for our members. Take a look:

2018 Omaha Metro Giving Tuesday Results (Prior to SHARE Omaha's formation)
-The Giving Tuesday message was heard 593,000 times
-$820,000 dollars given to local organizations

2019 Omaha Metro Giving Tuesday Results (SHARE Omaha's 1st Campaign)
The Giving Tuesday message was heard 7.1 million times, including 21 minutes of news stories
-$1.69 million given by Omaha metro donors, 35% of whom were first-time donors to an organization
-8,247 items donated
-175 volunteer applications, 432 volunteers served on Giving Tuesday

2020 Omaha Metro Giving Tuesday Results (SHARE Omaha's 2nd Campaign)
-The Giving Tuesday message was heard 19.5 million times, including one hour and 27 minutes of news stories
-$3.16 million given by Omaha metro donors, 32% of whom were first-time donors to an organization
-28,962 items donated, valued at $32,784
-275 volunteer applications, 397 volunteers served on Giving Tuesday

Steps for nonprofit marketing for Giving Tuesday:
1. Absorb the FAQs above and Orientation Deck details
2. Set a SMART goal for Giving Tuesday
2. Craft your message with a call-to-action related to your goal. Our sample language for Giving Tuesday can help. 
3. Update your SHARE Omaha profile (and website) to match your Giving Tuesday message. Add cause #GivingTuesday402 or #GivingTuesday712 to your profile.
4. Schedule your communication - emails, newsletters, phone calls, and social media. Use our downloadable graphics below or customize our local Canva templates for easy visuals!
            Please note, a majority of nonprofit members responded to our marketing survey that physical marketing materials generally promoting Giving Tuesday were not needed from SHARE Omaha as the preference was to customize posters and flyers to their nonprofit's message using our Canva templates. If you need assistance beyond the digital marketing tools found on this page, please contact 
5. Recruit support to spread your message - staff, board, business/community partners, volunteers, guild/friend group and social media followers.

Where should you link your messages?
To provide general information about the local Giving Tuesday, in English:
To provide general information about the local Giving Tuesday, in Spanish: 
To generate donations, volunteers and shopping: Your SHARE Omaha profile URL
     (If you are not a SHARE Omaha member, link to your website)

Nonprofit Trainings
TRAINING I: Orientation for Giving Tuesday
TRAINING II: Marketing for Giving Thursday
Marketing Resources
Remember, DO NOT use the global Giving Tuesday logo and graphics, as you will not stand out to local donors from national organizations.
Presenting Sponsors

Giving Tuesday in the metro is powered by SHARE Omaha, with support from Core Bank for #GivingTuesday402 in the Omaha metro and TS Bank for #GivingTuesday712 in Southwest Iowa.