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8 Gifts that support local nonprofits

Written by Katie Fourney    on December 10, 2020    in
With the focus on shopping local this year, we challenge you to shop local AND support nonprofits. These holiday gifts give back to local causes you love.

Supporting Golden Hills RC&D

This WanderLoess bison shirt supports conservation in Western Iowa. A portion of the proceeds from t-shirts purchased in the month of December 2020 will be donated to Golden Hills. Shop now.

Supporting Gotta Be Me


5 Ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day and support nonprofits

Written by Katie Fourney    on February 10, 2020    in
There are as many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day as there are varieties of roses. Here are five ways to celebrate Cupid’s day AND support local Omaha metro nonprofits. And, if you’re not feeling the love, suggestion #5 is for you.

1. Gift a Nebraska Humane Society sweatshirt 

Spay. Neuter. Wrap your Valentine in a cushy sweatshirt of love. Shop here.

2. Attend Heartland Hope Mission’s open house: A Brunch of Love


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