inCOMMON Community Development

Volunteer Opportunity:
Spring Clean Up

This opportunity has passed.

inCOMMON owns several vacant lots in our neighborhoods. Some will be developed into quality, affordable housing, and some will be used for community betterment projects such as soccer fields, playgrounds, and community gardens. Each spring, our Properties Manager conducts "spring cleaning" on each of these lots to make sure they're well cared for while they await the completion of their ultimate purposes. Volunteers will assist staff in the spring cleaning - clearing brush, mowing, picking up trash, etc. 

Volunteers will meet at our Park Avenue location and will then disperse throughout the neighborhood. 

Number of Volunteers Needed
Volunteer Needs
Spanish instructions available
Type of Opportunity
Wednesday, April 26th, 2023, 1pm - 3pm
Duration of 2 hours
Location Details
At Nonprofit's Location
Outdoor Project

This opportunity has passed.