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Where’s SHARE is at… Apollon Art Space!

Written by Katie Fourney    on August 31, 2020    in
Where's SHARE is an odyssey across the Omaha metro to discover causes that matter, presented by Core Bank. Did you decode this clue?

Between the performer, the witness and what they share,
There is art in the air.
If it's the eclectic that you seek,
head to the south, no need to speak Greek.

Where’s SHARE? We are at Apollon Art Space!

Our journey across the metro took us to Apollon Art Space first; it is certainly a local nonprofit that you need to know! Apollon Art Space provides a creative space and resources for local artists to learn and grow. Serving a South Omaha population, their vision is a world in which art is part of everyday life and artists are valued for their vital contributions to their communities.

*Please note: Photos were taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apollon Art Space believes that the art community should be open to all. If you’d like to support their efforts, get involved now!

Donate here to support their mission.

See ways you can volunteer with Apollon Art Space here.


Thank you, Core Bank, for supporting local causes and Where's SHARE!

Where’s SHARE is presented by Core Bank, striving to run ahead of the pack and create better options for our community.