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SHARE Omaha’s Mary Talen announces retirement

Written by Katie Fourney    on December 7, 2021
SHARE Omaha is honored that our Community Partnerships Manager, Mary Talen, saved her best for last. From day one in November 2018, Mary shaped the launch of our community connection platform by recruiting and managing so many crucial relationships.

Mary Talen has announced her plans to retire at the end of the year, and we know her retirement will be the beginning of an "even better" chapter. 

In just three years, Mary and SHARE Omaha have accomplished much and Mary has been key to growth from the very beginning.

In the fall of 2018, we were dreaming the possibilities of SHARE Omaha as our team began to inform local nonprofits about this new, free platform to recruit community support in the form of dollars, volunteer hours, items and event attendees. Starting even before her first official day of employment, Mary eventually held fourteen formal demo sessions for nonprofit organizations over the course of five weeks with over 230 guests. launched on January 17, 2019 with about 160 nonprofits and the growth has been nonstop.

The big picture, launch to today:
  • 650 Nonprofit organizations recruited and screened by Mary, oriented and featured on
  • 236,499 unique visitors exploring their nonprofit profiles and needs for over 17,400 hours
  • 12,055 individual donations to member nonprofits through
  • 7,311 volunteer applications submitted to local nonprofits
Mary as Community Partnerships Manager has held countless consultation calls with nonprofits to assist with not only profiles, but also lend her expertise to nonprofit operations and development. She heads SHARE Omaha’s Advisory Committee of eleven nonprofit organizations who provide feedback and lend guidance to SHARE Omaha’s future plans. She sits on the Human Services Advisory Committee (HSAC) Disaster Committee in southwest Iowa, an important connection point as SHARE Omaha organizes information related to community-wide disaster response during flooding and COVID-19.

Cuppa Jo’maha nonprofit networking events, exhibitor experiences at the Omaha Chamber YP Summit, Nonprofit Association of the Midlands Summit and ICAN conferences, corporation volunteer fairs and UNO Impact Partner nonprofit features have connected nonprofits to one another and community supporters to our mission, all with Mary’s guidance and coordination.

Mary is a touchstone for the nonprofits connected to SHARE Omaha’s campaigns (GivingTuesday402 and GivingTuesday712) and Do Good Days. She has spent countless hours in these seasons honing profiles and content to create both a great nonprofit and also a general public volunteer and donor experience. Executive Director Marjorie Maas reflects, “SHARE Omaha owes a great deal to Mary’s dedication, attention to detail and kind manner. She loves our metro community and has shown such care and concern for the causes that hold it together throughout our nonprofit sector. Hat’s off to you Mary! Enjoy this transition and next chapter!”