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Urgent volunteer needs in Omaha: Can you help?

Written by Katie Fourney    on January 25, 2022    in
As recent news coverage from 3 News Now has illuminated, a few of our pillar human services organizations are being challenged by the need for volunteers. COVID-19 has strained or halted their typical streams of ongoing and one-time volunteers, leaving a daily need for help in order to continue delivering their services to our neighbors who need them most.

3 News Now: Open Door Mission cutting back on services, in 'dire need' of volunteers 


From Facebook to Philanthropy: Pay It Forward Giving Circle

Written by Katie Fourney    on January 21, 2022
This blog is guest written by Mickey Manley of 500 Millenials of Omaha.

500 Millennials of Omaha (500M) is a brave community where members can speak candidly for the sake of enlightenment. We hope the constructive conversations in our social media group inspire energized adults to exchange ideas and develop connections that will facilitate offline progress in the area. The primary purpose of the group is to create meaningful connections through discussion about Omaha and issues millennials face to, ultimately, work together to better Omaha and the surrounding area. A secondary goal is for Omaha to become the most educated and activated community in the country. 

SHARE Omaha turns 3 years old!

Written by Katie Fourney    on January 12, 2022
On January 17, 2022, SHARE Omaha turns three years old! It’s been thrilling to see the Omaha/Council Bluffs metro welcome this multi-functional giving platform and expand what it means to be generous – with time, dollars and items.
We’ve seen good happen every day, for over 1,000 days, as local supporters get connected to the causes that matter most to them throughout eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa. The generosity has been overwhelming in these first three years, supporting over 650 organizations, and we can’t wait to see what big things you make happen next.

Welcome, Candice Iberg!

Written by Katie Fourney    on January 12, 2022
We at SHARE Omaha hope that you're experiencing fresh, new energy as we enter this exciting new year.  As we shared here, our community partnerships manager Mary Talen retired at the end of the year after almost three years of great service to SHARE Omaha. We will always be appreciative of her onboarding so many nonprofits and being such a great support to our nonprofit members. 

We excitedly share news of her successor – Candice (Candy) Iberg – who joined our team this week!