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Giving Tuesday Heroes: Local reporters and media

Written by Katie Fourney    on December 14, 2020    in
On December 1st, the metro showed up in a big way, almost doubling giving from 2019’s Giving Tuesday. (Read the full results, here.) How did this happen, you ask? A key ingredient to this powerful day was overwhelming support from local media: every tv station, radio station, newspaper and more.

These partners deserve the thanks of our whole community:
  • Houck contributed queen-sized bus ads
  • Lamar and Link contributed outdoor billboard space
  • KETV NewsWatch 7, WOWT 6 News and KMTV 3 News Now contributed PSA commercials and covered the news story
  • Cox Media contributed PSA commercials

2020 Giving Tuesday Results

Written by Katie Fourney    on December 10, 2020    in
You brought the power of ALL!

On December 1st, the metro showed up in a big way, almost doubling giving from 2019’s Giving Tuesday. Thank you for giving your all in support of vital, local causes.
If you still have gifts to give, it’s not too late! Give now.

Thank you Core Bank and TS Bank for leading the way with #GivingTuesday402 and #GivingTuesday712. You made this powerful day possible.

8 Gifts that support local nonprofits

Written by Katie Fourney    on December 10, 2020    in
With the focus on shopping local this year, we challenge you to shop local AND support nonprofits. These holiday gifts give back to local causes you love.

Supporting Golden Hills RC&D

This WanderLoess bison shirt supports conservation in Western Iowa. A portion of the proceeds from t-shirts purchased in the month of December 2020 will be donated to Golden Hills. Shop now.

Supporting Gotta Be Me