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A couple of connectors: Abby Jares and Turner Morgan

Written by Katie Fourney    on April 30, 2020    in
The Lifting Up Do-Gooders column, written by SHARE Omaha executive director Marjorie Maas, runs bi-monthly in metroMAGAZINE. See the original publication of this article here on page 30.
Photo credit: Steve Lustgarten

Who is a Do-Gooder? 

Either you are one, or you know a few. SHARE Omaha defines do-gooders as those who see a need and do good for others or the community; those who raise their hands to help when a crisis or challenge arises around them; those who regularly prioritize this good work, even in the light of personal sacrifice.

Stay home and have fun in Omaha/CB: Part 1

Written by Katie Fourney    on April 23, 2020    in

By now, your family is probably missing local nonprofit attractions like The Rose Theater and Joslyn Art Museum who bring so much joy to the Omaha metro. We will be the first in line for tickets when doors re-open! In the meantime, you can still connect with organizations like Do Space and EMPAC Dance by taking part in these fun, online programs. Let us know which programs your family enjoys!

Be the best ally! How to support and stand up for the communities you love: A YP Summit recap

Written by Katie Fourney    on April 21, 2020    in
NOTE: This blog was written prior to the COVID-19 pandemic reaching the Midwest. While we at SHARE Omaha worked to respond to coronavirus needs, this recap of an important Young Professional Summit session was put on hold. Although March 13th YP Summit feels as if it occurred in another lifetime, the message shared during the ‘Be the best ally!’ session is relevant now. When we begin to leave our homes again, we have an opportunity to declare anew who we want to be as community members. We can be allies in action.

Are you an ally? Are you the best possible ally? Have no clue what an “ally” is? (That’s okay! Let’s listen together.)

At the Greater Omaha Chamber’s Young Professional Summit, Erik Servellon of the Tri-Faith Initiative moderated a powerful panel that explained terminology, debunked myths and provided the framework needed to be the best ally to diverse communities.

KETV’s Giving Wednesday recruits 398 volunteer pledges

Written by Katie Fourney    on April 10, 2020    in
Wednesday, April 8th, was a big day for the SHARE Omaha family of 420 nonprofits! KETV’s second Giving Wednesday featured ways to #SHAREatHome and virtually volunteer while staying safe. In just one day, KETV’s 7 Can Help recruited 398 new volunteer pledges, eager to begin serving vital local missions.
“KETV is proud to partner with Share Omaha for our Project CommUNITY Giving Wednesday,” says John Livingston, KETV NewsWatch 7 creative services director. “We are a local broadcaster committed to bringing our community together. We’re inspired by the way Omaha embraces volunteerism as a way to help those in need.”
KETV Giving Wednesday

How local media is making a difference during the COVID-19 pandemic

Written by Katie Fourney    on April 5, 2020    in
 As the Omaha metro is adapting to the ever-changing landscape of how we should respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, local media broadcasters have been on the frontlines providing timely information for us as citizens.

SHARE Omaha commends the local reporters who are tirelessly reporting on CDC and state guidelines and support services available for those in need, such as food pantry and unemployment services. We’ve been inspired by the local journalists who are remembering to ask: How is COVID-19 impacting the vital nonprofits who serve the most vulnerable in our community?