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Year Founded:
Local Leader / Exec. Director:
Victoria Graeve-Cunningham
Main Address:
1325 N 127 Avenue
Omaha, NE 68154
Volunteer Opportunity:

Skills Based - Volunteer Consultant

Job Title: Skills-Based Volunteer Consultant
Committee: Program
Reports To: Program Committee Chair & or Project Manager
Effective Date: TBD Upon Start Date
Work Location: Offsite/Telework, ability to travel occasionally per client meeting

The mission of ThriVinci is committed to empowering communities through skills-based service; by sharing knowledge and talents, ThriVinci volunteers enable community agencies, who are advancing charitable causes and defending or preventing distress to vulnerable populations, to adhere to organizational development best practices and data-driven solutions. Skills-based volunteers are responsible for:
Advance a nonprofits cause through facilitation, team building, and collaboration in an organizational capacity building project in the community, through the use of lean management principles, data driven solutions and organizational development best practices.
Skilled-based volunteers participating in community projects can provide expertise in but not limited to business analytics, strategic alignment, group facilitation and training, ecosystem mapping, assessments and evaluations, as well as enhancing workplace relations.

Job Summary:
The Skills-Based Volunteer Consultant plans, facilitates, and leads an organizational capacity based client project. The Skills-Based Volunteer Consultant also acts as liaison and advisor to the organization's project team and facilitates initiatives across the organization's project..

Primary Responsibilities:
Manage and communicate with the client. Project/Account Manager is the primary contact for clients, to avoid any confusion or miscommunications.
Manage project and team functions at the agency. Understand the project requirements and ensure they are thoroughly and unambiguously documented to ultimately support the client.
Ensure development and delivery of what the client has asked for/purchased.
Identify and manage project risks. Manage project cost, schedule, requirements, and design baselines so they are traceable. Report meaningful metrics for cost, schedule, quality, and risk. Ensure the adequacy of project documentation and testing
Organizes and presents information in an effective manner. Communicates project process and deadlines to clients. Meets with and provide updates to project stakeholders to address progress or concerns.

Attends weekly status updates to maintain consistent Internal and external communication with involved staff and client team on project deliverables as defined by arrangements with client and scope document.
Collaborates with project teams to gain understanding of project goals and requirements.
Communicates with project manager and client in determining proper management of requests and priorities in order to complete projects in a quality and timely manner.

Meeting Deadlines
Ensures projects are completed from beginning to end and leads or facilitates coordination sessions with requesters, internal team members and appropriate client stakeholders.

Required Abilities/Skills:
Prioritization and Organization of Work
Communication (Verbal/Written)
Organizational Understanding
Attention to Detail and Accuracy
Customer Interaction

0-3 years - High School Diploma Preferred or currently a student in an accredited university
3-5 years - Bachelors degree or professional certification for subject matter expertise volunteers

Physical Requirements:
Home/Client office environment, ability to sit for a prolonged period.
Basic computer and technological ability for video conferencing software, Google, Slack, Trello etc..

Time Commitment:
Nonprofit client projects typically consist of a 3-5 month timeline.
Volunteer Consultants are expected to work on projects no more than 5 hours per week for the duration of the project.

Volunteers will attend an orientation session with the project manager and or Program Committee Chair either as a small group or One-on-One training session.


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Size of Group: 


Skills Needed

Client Relations
Counseling & Mentoring
Event Planning & Support
Finance & Accounting
Grant Writing
Graphic Design & Creative Services
IT (Information Technology)
Marketing & Public Relations
Office Services
Sales Support
Tutoring & Education
Web development & Design


Repeats every day 365 times.
Monday, April 6, 2020 (All day)

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Work from Anywhere