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Year Founded:
Local Leader / Exec. Director:
Victoria Graeve-Cunningham
Main Address:
1325 N 127 Avenue
Omaha, NE 68154
Volunteer Opportunity:

Skills Based - Volunteer Consultant

Provide service to nonprofits looking for support on infrastructure and organizational capacity based projects. Gain valuable skills and insight in the nonprofit sector to further your personal and professional goals.

Volunteer consultants with ThriVinci commit to a 3-5 month (5 hours per week max) project with a local nonprofit to build organizational capacity.

Client Project Management Responsibilities Process Can Include:

Management Role
A. Manage and communicate with the client. Project/Account Manager is the primary contact
for client, to avoid any confusion or miscommunications.
B. Manage project and team functions at the agency. Understand the project requirements
and ensure they are thoroughly and unambiguously documented to ultimately support the
C. Ensure development and delivery of what the client has asked for/purchased. It’s
important that the primary contact knows all aspects of the project so they are able to
communicate and answer client’s requests/questions.
D. Identify and manage project risks. Manage project cost, schedule, requirements, and
design baselines so they are traceable. Report meaningful metrics for cost, schedule,
quality, and risk. Ensure the adequacy of project documentation and testing

A. Internal communication with involved staff is important. We need to ensure that the right
people on the team have the correct materials and information.
1. Daily communication via phone & email as needed only.
2. Weekly project status updates – This is the time for Project Manager to communicate
status updates and for others to bring updates & communicate to Project Manager.
Project Managers role to make sure we are internally communicating so there is less
confusion to the client. Communication to Project Manager is important to protect
ThriVinci staff.

B. External communication with client is important. Regular communication with the client
allows ThriVinci to identify and satisfy client needs. It is the project manager’s responsibility
to communicate with the client and to establish contact relationships. Project Manager
should communicate back to internal staff for open communication and respectfulness that
may impact project team.
1. Regular project status updates as defined by arrangements with client.
2. Contact reports to client will be cc to Project Manager.
a. Documents what client has agreed to
b. Gives client opportunity to correct any misunderstanding
c. Keeps program management apprised to evaluate whether project delivery is
on target/meeting specs

Client Meetings and Conference Calls
A. Be prepared for the meeting. Our goal is to gain structure and establish processes.
B. Discuss in advance what materials are needed to bring as background/backup for the
C. Determine in advance who leads discussion on each meeting objective.
1. Presentations
2. Status calls
3. Client calls with faculty
a. Program management answers certain questions to deflect problems away
from other staff and to protect their time.

Meeting project deadlines are important internally and externally. Ensure the project team is well-
organized, adequately staffed, and works well together. Prepare a project plan with achievable cost,
schedule, and performance goals. Manage the project to attain the project goals and achieve
stakeholder satisfaction. Our clients depend on us to ensure their needs and requests are met on time.

A. Client deadlines –We must deliver deadlines on time. This is most important to the client.
B. Internal deadlines – Meeting internal deadlines ensure that we meet the client’s deadlines.


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Skills Needed

Client Relations
Counseling & Mentoring
Event Planning & Support
Finance & Accounting
Grant Writing
Graphic Design & Creative Services
IT (Information Technology)
Marketing & Public Relations
Office Services
Sales Support
Tutoring & Education
Web development & Design


Repeats every day 365 times.
Tuesday, January 28, 2020 (All day)

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