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Christi Janssen, Executive Director
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801 S. 10th Street
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Rise of the Tyrants – A family-focused presentation!

During the last 15 million years of the Cretaceous, Tyrannosaurs reigned over North American ecosystems evolving a lethal combination of colossal size, exceptional bite forces, accelerated growth rates and sophisticated sensory systems. Yet, they weren’t always king of the food chain. When Tyrannosaurs first roamed North America, they were but players on the Cretaceous stage. Join Dr. Lindsay Zanno as she introduces her team’s newest discovery, a tiny Tyrannosaur named Moros that roamed what is now Utah during the dawn of the Late Cretaceous.
Space is limited and registration is required. Register online at DurhamMuseum.org, by phone at 402-444-5071 or email reservations@DurhamMuseum.org. Regular museum admission applies; free for members.

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801 S 10th St
Omaha, NE 68108
United States


Saturday, June 15, 2019 - 10:30am