Tri-Faith Initiative

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Wendy Goldberg
Primary Contact Name
Corey Oldenhuis
Main Address

13136 Faith Plaza
Omaha, NE 68144
United States

What We Do


We cultivate inclusive environments to advance interfaith relationships and understanding. 


We envision a world where differences are honored, similarities are built upon, and everyone belongs.


  • Model how diverse religious communities and the non-religious engage each other in beneficial ways, maintain their distinct identities, and thrive while defending each other’s right to thrive. 
  • Make space for those who are affiliated, unaffiliated, and everything in-between, affirming that all people relate to religion differently. 
  • Advocate for religious freedom without proselytizing 
  • We affirm the value that religious identity and community can bring in times of joy, strife, and everyday life. 
  • Acknowledge the role of religion in public discourse and societal organization and structure. 
  • Recognize how society privileges, marginalizes, and discriminates based on religion 
  • Encourage an improvement in behavior, engagement, and policies to promote pluralism. 
  • Foster a supportive and psychologically safe environment 
  • Leverage the collaboration with founding faith partners to co-create with our strategic partners across and beyond the interfaith community


Interesting Info
  • 85% of participants say Tri-Faith helps them to dismantle stereotypes and assumptions about people of diverse religious identities.
  • 81% of participants say Tri-Faith helps them to connect with people of diverse religious identities.
  • 86% of participants say Tri-Faith taught them something new about religions or belief systems.
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Tri-Faith United We Walk
Tri-Faith AMI
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