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Mentors of Bethany in America

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Year Founded:
Local Leader / Exec. Director:
Dr. Gary R. Carlson
Main Address:
2800 S 110 Ct
Omaha, NE 68114

What We Do

MOBIA is a nonprofit organization that are in partnerships with service providers for men and women who are suffering from destructive lifestyles. The cooperative relationship increases the potential for people in crisis condition to rebound with MOBIA programs.Breaking this cycle is how we improve our communities with reducing incarcerations, crime, absentee fathers, and improving self-esteem, encouraging education, parenting skills, accepting responsibility, rejecting passivity and investing into their eternal life.

Men and Women mentors from MOBIA coach once a week and individually throughout the week at the Open-Door Mission, Omaha Street School, Locker Room and the Douglas county jail. Attendance at the coaching sessions average:
Open Door Mission: 50 weeks a year 100+ people 10 mentors
Omaha Street School: 20 plus 4 mentors
Locker Room: 20 plus 5 mentors
Douglas County Jail: 50 plus 4 mentors
Lydia House (women: 18) plus 7 mentors

Experience: Resources and materials to make it happen.

Scholarship funds criteria
Career Development / Education
Temporary Living Expense Stipends (two weeks)
Community/Partners Award/

Outreach fund
Resources: Homeless in Omaha,
Services fund: Bibles, workbooks, curriculum development, training volunteers, program supplies, (brochures, promotional, Shirts,

Interesting Info

MOBIA is an organization of men and women who are dedicated to the improvement of life skills and support for people who are experiencing dysfunctional lives. C
MOBIA has collaborated with Open Door Mission, Omaha Street School, Douglas County Jail and neighborhoods.
It is our intention to provide a program that doesn't enable future dependence but breaks the cycle of welfare by rejecting passivity,

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Male mentors
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Wednesday, April 21st, 2021
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