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Ashlei Spivey, Founder & Executive Director
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Ashlei Spivey
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1299 Farnam Street Suite 300
Omaha, NE 68102
United States

What We Do

I Be Black Girl (IBBG) is a reproductive justice organization that leads with boldness, innovation, and inspiration, actively creating a radical change-making culture that centers Black women, femmes, and girls. IBBG was created with the intention to fill spaces with what it means to exist as a Black woman, femme, or girl - Spaces where we are free to define and own that narrative. Through our reproductive justice approach we have prioritized the following areas of work to advance our mission in Nebraska: 

  • Our Catalyst program provides information, support, and learnings specific to and focused on Black women looking to start, grow, and maintain their businesses, providing an intentional space for Black women founders to actualize their entrepreneurial vision and gain economic liberation. 
  • The IBBGives giving circle enables resource redistribution for programs led by and for Black women, femmes, and girls, changing the landscape of philanthropy in the Omaha metro area and inviting Black women, femmes, and girls to give in a way that is meaningful to us. 
  • Our advocacy efforts largely focus on state-bed legislative issues which inhibit the success and livelihood of Black women, femmes, and girls; our advocacy work builds towards a time where all Black women, femmes, and girls will have full, uninhibited access to such things as abortion, childcare, and protection against discrimination of natural hair. 
  • Our Birth Justice Initiatives expand access to quality and culturally relevant maternal health services through policy, research, and advocacy while amplifying the voices and experiences of Black pregnant people. We collaborate with many partners across the full spectrum of maternal and reproductive health to advance Black maternal health and justice. 

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