Healthy Housing Omaha

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Kiernan Scott
Main Address

1425 South 13th Street
Omaha, NE 68108
United States

What We Do
Working to ensure that every child has a safe and healthy home, regardless of their zip code. #HealthyHousingOmaha HHO reduces the economic and physical impact of substandard housing on families by holistically improving the health and safety of the homes in our community. Our work reduces healthcare costs associated with in-home hazards such as lead, radon, mold and asthma triggers. Our work disrupts home-related health issues that can undermine a family’s ability to work, learn, and thrive. Our programs reduce asthma-related emergency department visits, rescue inhaler usage, elevated blood lead (EBL) levels, and increase positive health behaviors such as smoking cessation and furnace filter replacement frequency. We have the solutions for the disproportionate impacts of pediatric asthma, childhood lead poisoning, and other health issues stemming from poor housing conditions in communities of historic disinvestment. While healthcare providers offer clinical solutions for health issues after diagnosis, we provide the structural solutions by addressing hazards within the home that prevent health issues from occurring in the first place. Your donation today can make a difference in the lives of families all over Omaha. Here are some ways in which your money helps us: - $250 : Cost of our Healthy Home Assessment that assesses the health risk of families homes. - $400: Cost of a home lead hazard evaluation where we test for the presence of lead in different areas of the home. - $500: Cost of maintaining our inspectors various licenses active and current so that we can continue providing our services to Omaha families. - $3400: Average amount spent on our construction interventions provided to families who qualify. This ranges from simple gutter replacements to the installation of a radon mitigation system.
Interesting Info
  • We provide education, supplies, and construction upgrades to reduce environmental hazards in the home and improve the health of children and families.
  • Disrupt the cycle of poverty by ensuring a family’s housing conditions do not prevent them from going to school, going to work, or engaging with their communit
  • Reduce the economic and physical impact stemming from poor housing conditions for both families and healthcare systems.
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