East African Development Association of Nebraska

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Mahamed Jimale
Main Address

4735 NW Radial Hwy
East Building
Omaha, NE 68104
United States

What We Do
The East African Development Association of Nebraska (EADAN) was established to meet the needs of vulnerable members of the immigrant community. While Immigrants enrich our community in so many ways and strengthen our economy through their work ethic and talents, many immigrants are also vulnerable due to language barriers, limited resources, and a lack of knowledge about the new systems they must navigate. The leaders of EADAN witnessed the gradual withdrawal of immigrants from seeking services from standard organizations over the years. This retrenchment into their communities and the resulting isolation and suffering rippled throughout families and the community as a whole. EADAN was established to ensure that there was a place where this segment of the immigrant community can feel comfortable seeking out assistance to resolve the many issues they face. EADAN has established trust through their consistent and flexible presence among community members. EADAN is offering services, fostering trust, building connections, and ensuring that members of the community are no longer invisible and vulnerable. Low-income families from East Africa as well other refugee and immigrant communities. Our services include a food pantry, job search/placements, unemployment benefit and rental assistance programs, mentoring and tutoring programs, and youth counseling and mental health related programs. Housing problems like become Homeless. -Rental Assistance -Together with Metro-Area Continuum of Care for the Homeless (MACCH) EADAN provides support to vulnerable families struggling to pay their rent. Through strong connections to community, they have built the trust necessary for families to seek out assistance when they are at risk of homelessness. This collaboration to provide a safety net has allowed EADAN to assist more than 50 families with rental assistance during distressing times. -Affordable Housing
Interesting Info
  • We served more than 739 families that were impacted by COVID 19 since 2021
  • To date we have served a total of 13,285 individuals since in January 2021.
  • Our goal is to leave a lasting impact promoting growth & sufficiency by providing families and youth with opportunities and resources through our open door.
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