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Brenda Helget
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8707 West Center Road
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Intimacy After a Cancer Diagnosis

What happens to your intimacy after a cancer diagnosis? Who can help support you on this journey of adjustment and change? Do you want resources and an open dialogue with tangible tools and techniques? If you’ve answered yes, then this is the conversation for you. We will talk about libido, arousal, orgasm and other difficulties that arise after cancer treatments. You will also learn new ways to connect to your partner through touch and restructuring expectations. We look forward to helping you feel like you! Join us for a candid conversation about relationships and intimacy with Brier Jirka, LIMHP and Certified Sex Therapist.

CREATE YOUR BEST LIFE EVENTS are FREE but a $10 donation per session is appreciated. Once registered, you will receive a link to our Zoom event including a meeting number and password.

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to keep you safe
during COVID, NE 68124
United States


October 23, 2021 - 10:00am to 12:30pm