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April 23: Fund It Friday

Give all you can.

Give nowAbout Do Good Week
Cash is indeed king, and it's the most valuable gift you can give your favorite local nonprofits.

Welcome to #FundItFriday. It's time for ALL of us to give all we can to lift our community. 

Give early. (Use donation code FundItFriday.) And give again on April 23rd.

SHARE Omaha's Do Good Week is presented by FNBO

Do Good Every Day at 

Want to participate early? Go for it! SHARE Omaha is here, 365 days a year, for a reason. Your support matters every day. 

FNBO is proud to present Do Good Week. FNBO envisions a future where metro nonprofits have all the resources they need to strengthen our community. This first annual Do Good Week is our joint rallying call to act now and join us in doing good.

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