Rank the Vote Nebraska

RTVNE Monthly Statewide Meeting

Ranked choice voting (RCV) has drawn support as a sensible solution to problems with our elections, with backers including leading newspapers, political leaders, electoral reform commissions and organizations. 

  • RCV encourages competition because it allows for multiple candidates from the same party and reduces the limitations on minority candidates. This allows for less mainstream candidates to show their broad support and thus may create new avenues to elected office that may not have existed under the systems we currently have in place.
  • Because every candidate wants to get as many votes as possible, including second and third choices, they are less likely to degrade and use negative campaign techniques against other candidates. RCV gives candidates strong incentives for positive and civil campaigns, and to join in support of common sense policies with wide support.

Join us once a month as we discuss relevant topics related to RCV and democracy defending initiatives state and nationwide. Each month we invite a special guest from local and nationwide organizations as we seek to learn and collaborate with all democracy defenders to build strong communities and valuable relationships that impact change. It also gives a strategic outlook on all things happening in the country.  

We hope you can join us the first Thursday of every month, to learn more from our speakers and help us educate all of Nebraskans about the important work our immediate and extended communities are doing to bring ranked choice voting to Nebraska.

To learn how ranked choice voting works, please visit our monthly rank it polling page on our website for many example polls.

Invite a friend to the meeting too! https://bit.ly/RTVNE-Statewide 

Event Type
Event Setting
Virtual Event

United States

Thursday, October 5th, 2023, 8pm - 9pm
Repeats monthly on the first Thursday at 8:00pm
Duration of 1 hour