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Black History Month at NorthStar Foundation

Written by Katie Fourney    on February 22, 2022    in
For Black History Month, Paris Cross, Community Navigator at NorthStar Foundation, coordinated a series of activities for students in the after-school program. 

NorthStar is serving as an additional resource to students in celebrating Black History Month by theming the weeks with activities that not only honor Black historical figures and traditions, but also highlight the importance of protecting the future of Black youth and promoting the mental health of the Black community.

Take a look:

Circle Moment with SHARE Omaha: Creatively Celebrating Black History

Written by Katie Fourney    on February 20, 2022    in
This blog is written by Marjorie M. Maas, SHARE Omaha executive director

What is a Circle Moment?

A Circle Moment is when vital community pieces come together, align perfectly, and create a moment of magic - for good. We at SHARE Omaha are blessed to witness these special instances every day. Whether its givers discovering a cause to support wholeheartedly, volunteers raising their hands to help when a crisis or challenge arises around them, or nonprofit organizations giving their all to strengthen our community, these are the stories that fuel progress for others and personal purpose.


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